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Welcome to  WaveMaker Coaching

This is the home of the WaveMaker Coach Mentoring Program™, where WaveMaker™ owners gather to become masterful certified WaveMaker Coaches.

If you want to use the WaveMaker to transform your life and those of others, you've come to the right web site!

"Participating in the WaveMaker Mentoring Program increased my probability of success with the WaveMaker exponentially. The support and all the aspects of the program are exceptional! I highly recommend the WaveMaker Mentoring Program to anyone who is intent on becoming proficient with the WaveMaker."

Candace Higgins—Denver, Colorado

Listen to a Free Introduction to the Mentoring Program teleclass.

Tom Stone explains WaveMaker Coaching in this short audio clip.

Listen to the valuable coaching tools gained while enrolled in the WaveMaker Coach Mentoring Program:
NextWave with Tom Stone  |  'Practice Makes Perfect' Lab

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What People are Saying...
  • "WOW! WaveMaker coaching has brought me peace and joy I've never known before, and being able to pass that along to others is even better. The community and the support I've received in my journey are priceless.

    Antonia Damiani—Sacramento, CA

  • "The Human Software Engineer™ live training introduced me to the potential of the WaveMaker and I was blown away with its capabilities. Now after 8 months of training in the Mentoring Programs, I've been blown away further.

    I had no idea how much I could and needed to learn to help me begin to reach my potential with the HSE protocol. I'm finally well into the process of clearing unknown barriers in myself and enhancing what I can provide for others.

    Mark Winski—Carmel, IN

"You invested in the WaveMaker, now make the ultimate investment... in YOURSELF. Join the Mentoring Program."

Grace Moore—Denver, Colorado

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